Thursday, April 17, 2014

This or That Tag

Thank you to the wonderful July for tagging me in this! :D
I'm sorry for not posting often. On top of gymnastics practice, I'm also on my school's track and field time, as well as homework and trying to keep up with April Camp NaNoWriMo.....

The rules; 
1. Answer the questions given to you
2. Give the people you nominate the same questions
3. Nominate three people 
4. Let the amazing three know that they've been tagged 

Alright, let's do this.

 Hair up or down?
It's kind of fun to go around with my hair down since my hair is really long, haha. But since it's so long it gets tangled rather easily, so when I'm too lazy to make sure it looks nice (which is most of the time oops) I just twist it up in a bun. So hair up, I guess, since I wear it like that the most. And braids are really fun to do ;)

 Dessert or fruit?
My gymnastics and track coaches would be proud because...fruit. I love how pretty desserts are, but I find that a lot of them are way too sweet for my taste, and afterwards I just feel really guilty and want to go burn it all off, which isn't fun.

 Dress or shirt and sweatpants?
That depends on the occasion. If I'm going out somewhere, then a dress because my mom would never let me out the door wearing sweatpants xD Although I actually wear skirts more often...
But at home or waiting on the sidelines at a meet or something, definitely sweatpants. They are so comfortable.

 One Direction or Jonas Brothers?
Ehh, I don't like either band very much (although to be fair, I haven't really listened to their music that much either) Probably One Direction since the Jonas Brothers is like a Disney band or something and my parents are too cheap to buy Disney channel so I've never really heard of them much haha.

Radio or iPod?
iPod. The only reason I can live through sports competitions and run 10Ks is my iPod. <3

Sleepover at your house or at a friend's house?
A friend's because then you don't have to worry about making sure the house is clean and everyone is having fun ;)

Cookies or apples?
Apples all the way!

Playing cards or painting?
PLAYING CARDS. Definitely. I love card games, oh my gosh. And it's a bit complicated, but in the story I'm currently writing, two people fall in love essentially over card games ahaha. ...and I can't paint at all

In a board game, would you rather be a green or a white piece?
Well this is an original question, kudos to whoever came up with it. I don't play board games very often, but green. White is the mourning color yknow :) 
(that's a book reference for those who haven't read The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. In which case drop everything and get your hands on a copy of City of Bones right now).

In accordance with the rules, I have to tag 3 people, but from my experience, people don't typically like being tagged in these kinds of things, so...just do this tag if you'd like, I guess! :)
It's my spring break now, so I'm going to go sleep for like 15 hours and then watch some Netflix...and hopefully get some blog posts written so I can still post when school starts up again.
Thanks for reading! 



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